Jennifer Chow

Web Developer

Front-end developer, cozy gamer, equine freak (also known as an equestrian) and general geek. I am a purveyor of random facts, strange humour and much purples. I make virtual things that you can look but probably not poke. This is primarily my web development portfolio.



I am a web developer based in Ladysmith, BC of Vancouver Island on the west coast of British Columbia (between Nanaimo and Victoria and across the Salish Sea to Vancouver). I create interactive experiences from basic websites to web applications.

My main focus is front-end as I enjoy making interactive experiences work. I have experience in JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node and React. I am currently working with WordPress on Sage templates and using Gatsby + Headless CMS. I have been casually messing around with and making websites since 2009 and more seriously since 2017.

In 2017, I received a scholarship for and completed a 12-week coding bootcamp at CodeCore in Vancouver. I also hold a BA in English from Simon Fraser University just because. I also have an interest in user interface design.

In 2023, I completed courses in software testing (black box, functional) and automated testing with Selenium webdriver which combines well with my web development background.

Away from the computer (I do leave it!), I love horses (and ponies) and mostly focus on dressage (or attempts thereof). I currently half lease a horse named Ray. You can check out our adventures on Instagram.