I am currently working on redoing my portfolio site (again).

This design is an early version of my site (around 2012-2013) that has found a new life in it's one-page html glory as a "coming soon" page for my upcoming portfolio site.

I'm currently a lowly unemployed liberal arts major (BA in English, History minor). Aside from that, I'm not exactly sure of anything... I also hold an associate certificate in Web Technologies (online program) but don't know enough for it to be fully useful in the modern age.

My current areas of interest are writing and web design (and some development) and digital media in general. I write a bit (mostly non-fiction), occasionally some poetry. I can design and code basic websites (currently mostly only in HTML/CSS as I am not a programmer) and customize wordpress-based sites.

I also enjoy photography, ponies (including oversized ponies aka horses) and the colour purple. I occasionally also do some videography.

You can reach me through the contact form on my blog or email me here.

Shadow Self portrait.

Photo taken and edited by Jennifer Chow.
Aug 2012.