2015 Update

I know I haven’t been updating it very much.

But here’s the update of photos I have for 2015 so far…

Photos have been added to their respective galleries.

Entry for CBC Canada Writes Challenge – “Belonging”

This was my entry for CBC Canada Writes “Stories of Belonging” writing challenge.
Of course it did not win. It wasn’t even on the shortlist. BUT it’s on the 7th page of 45 for “most viewed”. Lol.

Read my entry here: Hoofbeats, Heartbeats

I am aware that there are typos and they are driving me crazy.

I have more updates (I haven’t updated this news section/blog in a while) but they will come a bit later.


Great Horsey Day! Plus a watermark.

About a week ago, I got a chance to take photos at Thunderbird Show Park and later, foals at Country Lane Farm. I am still not quite sure how to focus (or prefocus) on an object that coming towards you (very quickly!) but oh well.  Some of them are in focus…more or less.  Maybe one day I’ll learn how to do that :-P.  I normally pre-focus because my camera, while quicker than a point and shoot, is not that quick for action. I should probably try continuous AF at some point.

See TBird photos here: http://jenniferchow.ca/photo/horses/thunderbird-show-park-2014/   (foals somewhere in the equine section…)

I also tried a watermark. It’s not my final watermark. I think the one I will use will be smaller.
I used 50% opacity (when on photos).


Then I got myself lame at home (so lame!) so I didn’t end up taking photos at Southlands :-\ .

Oh well.

I plan to photograph some local riding lessons soon (“soon” being probably late Sept/Early Oct) as well.

I think equestrian photography may something I might pursue….


So…taking photos at the PNE

I actually went to the PNE twice but I only took photos one of those day.  I did not stay until night so this year has just daytime shots only.

I need some sort of tripod or monopod I think.  Or a faster lens but tripods/monopods are still much cheaper (in most cases).  I found taking action shots of horses indoors extremely challenging.

I took pictures of other things too.  However, in general I felt that none of my shots particularly excited me.  Usually after a day of shooting there’s at least 1-2 pictures that catches my eye and that I really like.  But none of the photos really did that for me from this outing. Some were okay, but I didn’t feel that they were outstanding.

However, I am also currently uploading a few other photos to other sections as well.


New city/architecture/events section!

I’ve added a city/architecture section. I am currently bundling it with (mostly city-set) events so I have stuck the wayward dragon boat gallery into it.  I may separate them in the future.

Check it out here.

I also realized that you can have a gallery and albums display on the same page (if you’re using the link-to-page with NextGen) so that’s what I did with my sub albums… So that has been streamlined a bit. I know I still have like 2-3 galleries floating around in the main section but I’m still figuring out what I should do on them (illustration can probably stay).

Also “architecture” (with city and events) was too big of a word for the drop down menu so I just eliminated the word for the drop down menu only.

New Portfolio Site!

Well, the design is actually close to my last one but with major differences under the hood – it’s now running WordPress. I wanted to use another CMS (Koken) but it didn’t work for me (it didn’t really let me add or delete anything in a respectable time frame which is kind of essential….) so now it’s WordPress…

I am still making tweaks here and there. It’s not static of course. But for the most part, it looks fine and is functional.

My main goals for improvement was 1) make it more mobile friendly and 2) make it easier for me to manage so I upload and update it more. So far it seems to be more mobile friendly aside from some odd background behaviour in some devices but it still works and it is much easier to manage.
It is a customized theme since I can’t make theme from scratch (or at least not one that would be very good) but it is quite different from the original design I think…

This site will have more photography and will be more photography-based. There are now actually albums and stuff.

The website/portfolio portions are admittedly a little rough around the edges and bare-boned but they work.
The feature I’m using is so new that there’s basically no documentation and I’m no PHP wizard (although to be fair, I only broke the site once while fiddling with PHP so far and for a stupid reason). Really, there’s not much anyway. I figure by the time there is more entries, there either would be more documentation or I will learn how to modify it better.

I will admit the portfolio ordering seems to be backwards for reasons unknown?! I will look into fixing that….if possible.

Still, I think I have learned more about WordPress after customizing this (well, how to style pages anyway). It’s great that so much can be customized with just the CSS :-D.

Known Issues

I actually fought with it for a while for mobile so I was ecstatic when it finally worked on almost everything!

iPod Touch 4th Gen (test device)/iPhone 4 (basically same thing): background stuck in a corner
Opera Mini & Opera Classic (Android): social media icons do not display
Also funny background behaviour in native and Dolphin Mini browsers on a small Android 2.3 device.

Tested on most browsers (Windows only) but I will assume will work fine on Macs, Android 4.4 phone (Chrome, Dolphin HD, with noted issues, Firefox, Opera for Android). not tested on 10′ tablets or iPads, or iPhones but I assume it should be fine. Let me know if it’s not….

Also apparently sometimes my smilies don’t always work 🙁 and when they do…they’re somehow a bit not inline…