Peripheral participant in society.  Lover of ponies*, photography and things purple.
*horses and other equines too!

I like horses. I am a pleasure rider that mostly rides English. I’ve ridden ponies, regular horses, draft horses….

I am currently volunteering for the BC SPCA Equine division.

Hobbies and Interests

Me & Kaili
  • Internetting (and apparently making up words)
  • Digital media
  • Creative software (Adobe CC etc)
  • Web Design
  • Photography  (nature, landscape, wildlife, equine/equestrian and very random things)
  • Film making/Video
  • HORSES! Ponies! Horses! Mini horses!
  • Riding horses (and I can ride ponies too!). I mostly ride English (flatwork/basic dressage).
  • Cetaceans (whales, dolphins)
  • Being strange, weird and mysterious
  • Having things purple
  • Wasting more time on the internet
  • ….and other things


  • HTML (XHTML, some HTML5) and CSS (some CSS3), can hand-code
  • a little bit of javascript/jquery but more much comfortable with HTML/CSS
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (and other code editors), basic Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects and InDesign very interested in learning other programs including but not limited to Adobe CS/CC
  • WordPress – basic CSS customization, content management and administration
  • Writing – general writing (non-fiction), can be trained to suit your needs, some creative writing background, currently has a mainly academic essay background
  • Photography (mostly outdoors,  can use manual exposure settings) and videography/video editing
  • Most familiar with Windows but adaptable to Mac OSX.